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                                                  Angie's Story


Hello! I'm Angie and I am 13 years old and live in Dubai. I discovered that I had scoliosis during the summer 2011. I am now on my second brace and I am hoping no surgery will be involved.

Two years ago my mum saw a change in my hip and thought it was developing strangely but she didn't worry about it. Two years later, it was still like that. I kept complaining about how self conscience I was to go into the pool with one hip sticking out strangely and the other one flat as a table. So, we went to the doctor's office and asked what was going on with my hip. The doctor described what was happening.  We found out that I had scoliosis. My doctor sent us to another hospital to get x-rays and a brace molding. Once we had the x-rays and the molding done, my mum kept having strange feelings that we were going to the wrong doctor.

We went back to the same doctor the next day to get my x-rays and they measured a 30 degree angle in my lumber spine. That same day, we tried on my new brace and it was really uncomfortable. Parts of my brace poked me.  This was not suppose to happen.

After the summer holidays, I started physio and went back to the doctor. My doctor told me to leave the room for a while so that's what I did, when my mum came out she told me what he said, "he is leaving the hospital in a short while."

After a month of wearing my brace I grew more than usual and my brace got too small so we went to another hospital to get a new one. They knew about my other doctor and apparently, he got fired because the brace makers were making a deal with him.  The brace makers said that for every person my doctor got a brace for, the brace makers would pay him a certain amount of money.  The hospital found out and fired him.

My mum was so mad and stressed about it that I wasn't aloud to wear my brace for a month until my new one was made.

This blog helped me so much while I was going through my painful and my sad times. Thank you Scoliosis Stories! You just made my life a whole lot easier!

And if there is anything you would like to ask me... well go ahead and ask! 



Thank you Angie for letting me post your story!




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