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  1. Do I have Scoliosis?

    The only way you will know if you have Scoliosis is if you go to an orthopedic doctor and they take x-rays.

  2. What do I do if I Have Scoliosis?

    If you have Scoliosis, go to an orthopedic doctor and they will help you pick out the best treatment.

  3. How Often Should I Go in for an Appointment for My Scoliosis?

    In the early stages of your scoliosis you will probably go in to the doctor's office about once a year.  In the prime time of your scoliosis, you will probably go in every six months.

  4. What Treatment Should I Do?

    Ask your doctor.  They will be the ones to guide you in the right direction.

  5. How do I Deal with my Scoliosis Brace in the Locker Room?

    You will not wear your brace to P.E.  Talk to a P.E coach in your locker room and ask where you can put it while you participate in sports.  I had to change with everyone else just as I had done before. The first week, people were curious about what I was wearing, then after that it was not a big issue.  People did not tease me.  They were very kind about the whole thing and comforted me.    But, if someone is being mean, tell the P.E coach right away. 

  6. What Should I Wear with my Brace?

    Click on the tab labled "Fashion Corner".  It tells you all about what you should and should not wear with a Scoliosis brace.

  7. How Should I Tell my Friends About my Brace?

    I just told my friends straight out what was going on.  There is no point in hiding it from your friends because they are the people who can comfort you and help you deal with this experience.  It was not a big deal and if it is for someone, then obviously they are not a good friend. 

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