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                                                   Bekah's Story


It was 5th grade, everyone had heard about scoliosis but no one dreamed they would have it. My story begins with a girls locker room, a nurses office, and a doctors office.

In 5th grade I was told that I was showing signs of scoliosis that Fall. Of course being worried about it, I told my mom. She said "It'll pass, you're a tall one that's for sure!" The Spring of 5th grade rolled around. The nurse in the girls locker room said that she couldn't see anything anymore. So, I went on as a happy little 5th grader! :)

7th grade rolled around and the nurse started to see that my shoulders didn't line up. I was told that when I get my physical of 8th grade, that I should tell my doctor about it. My doctor noticed that my shoulders were a little off, yet when I bent down to touch my toes, it wasn't visible. He suggested that I go and get x-rays. Which made it even worse because when I was down there, I was already nervous about getting x-rays, but the machine broke down 5 times!!! So, there I am in a hospital gown and my underwear shivering because it feels like 20 degrees down there! So, that wasn't really the highlight! :)

The results came back, my doctor said there was a slight curve at the top of my spine by my shoulders. All my life, even as a kid, my shoulders always, always had pain!! But, there was also a curve at the bottom. (The top was 14 degrees, and the bottom was 6 degrees). They weren't really high, but they could become high. So, my doctor told me that we would monitor it, and that I would come back in 6 months.

So, last week was the 6 month mark. We went to go and get the x-rays on a Monday. Than, that Wednesday morning, (at 9:30, which was a big deal because I was on Spring Break!!!) we got the results that made me cry, and cry, and cry. The top of my spine was now at 17 degrees and the bottom was at 12 degrees. He told me that I should see a specialist. He said that I should first go to the one at my hometown. But he said, "He may recommend you to one in Ames, or one in Minneapolis." He said that I would most likely wear a brace for 6 months and then take another x-ray to see if it's not progressing. Finding this out, I was in hot tears by the time I got into the car. My mom drove me to my dad where I just stood there, crying in his arms for 15 minutes. Everything was running through my head, "people are going to make fun of me", "the guy I like won't talk to me anymore", "I'm going to be the laughing stalk", "my friends will leave me", just fears of things that most people would think about in this kind of situation. I talked to my best friend on the phone when I got home. She said, "If anyone makes fun of you for that, I WILL bust their face in. AND I WILL NOT HOLD BACK :-)". As you can see, I have some pretty awesome friends. ;)

But, reading your stories has helped me a lot! I know I don't want the surgery, and I know people might poke fun in the beginning, but in the end, I'm still the same person, with the same amount of fun. :) and yes, I guarntee I will whine in the beginning, but it's just something I'll have to do to be better. So, thank you teens across America, you have helped me a lot. Next week I go to my specialst, which he will decide what to do. Wish my luck.



Thank you so much Bekah for letting me post your story!

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