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                                           CC's Story


It all started when I was in the fifth grade and I was 11 years old. I was out all day playing catch with my cousin. And I mean all day, from around nine in the morning to five o clock at night. When mom called us in for dinner, I complained of my right shoulder and the right side of my back hurting.  My mom iced my shoulder and had me sit against a heating pad. It helped a little with the pain but not much so mom gave me IB. I was so sore that it hurt to just stand. My aunt told my mom that I should start going to the chiropractor that she and my cousins were going to. Mom agreed and the next day made an appointment for the chiropractor. It was about two weeks before we could get an appointment.  Leading up to that time, I was experiencing a lot of pain and my mom noticed that my right shoulder was a lot lower than my other shoulder. We walked into the chiropractor’s office, signed in, and filled out 2 or 3 sheets of papers that explained exactly where the pain was, how severe, etc. We waited for about two hours before the nurse called my name. We followed the nurse back into a room and she told me she was going to take an X-Ray. She gave me a hospital gown to change into. When I was changed, she came back in and had me sit, stand, and lay in different positions. She told me to change back into my clothes. After I was changed, she led my mom and me into another office. While the X-Rays were developing, my mom and her discussed how they would pay for my upcoming visits, and this is what I heard “ BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Finally, that was done and I would get to find out what the X-Rays found out. First the doctor came in and met us.  He then turned off the lights for us to see the X-Rays better. I couldn’t believe it! I had a C shape curve in my back! He told me I had scoliosis. I was like, Scoli What!? Luckily it was extremely slight and only about 15 degrees. Then we found out I also had something in which I forgot the name of, but it is where you basically are starting to get early arthritis. He told us he could try to stop both, maybe reverse the arthritis, but the Scoliosis would never totally go away. He also said we would want to watch the scoliosis, and since I was only 11 at that time, I had a lot of growing left so it pretty much was definite that it would get worse if he didn’t treat it.


I left the chiropractor numb. I was an 11 year old girl and I had scoliosis and that thing in which I forgot the name of. Mom stopped by Wendy’s to cheer me up and got me a chocolate milk shake and hot salty fries. When we got home mom told my dad what we found out and they both agreed to a second opinion. So mom made and appointment for the next day. We walked in again I had to fill out like 2 or 3 forms on the pain, blah, blah, blah. Then the nurse called us back. She took my vital signs and then I waited for the doctor. Finally he came in and asked a few questions then, had me bend forward and touch my toes. He said he could tell I had scoliosis, but if anything, it was definitely lower than 15 degrees. I was so excited! Maybe it would be very, very slight, like three degrees! So, he gave us a piece of paper and told us to run down the hall to the X-Ray office and they would take some pictures, send them over, and we would come back and talk about them. We left the doctor’s office, went down the hall and into the X-Ray office. We waited in line which felt like forever. Then finally, we gave the nurse our information and she told us to have a seat and said that they would call us back in a bit. Well, we really couldn’t have a sat, there wasn’t one seat left! Surprisingly we go into the X-Ray room pretty fast. Again, the nurse had me change into a hospital gown.  Finally after what felt like an hour, I got changed and we went back to the doctor’s office. He turned off the lights and turned on the X-Ray reading machine. He said that I indeed had a 15 degree scoliosis curve, and that I did indeed have that thing in which I forgot the name of. So we left, disappointed…and I earned another chocolate milk shake and hot salty fries.


So I started going to the chiropractor every week. About a half a year later I was due for another X-Ray. So I had to take my clothes off, change into a hospital gown and have X-Rays done. When I got changed we discussed them. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he put up both my first X-Ray and the one I got that day! My mom was shocked too because her jaw just kind of dropped open. My C curve went from a 15 degree to a 25 degree! I went home disappointed…and got no milk shake with hot salty fries. It was another half a year later when I had to get another set of X-Rays. I went through the whole process and finally I got to see them. My back wasn’t worse, but it didn’t improve…at all! We stopped going to the chiropractor since we found it was kind of just a waste of our time and money. I’m 13 now and lately my back has really been hurting. My mom had me do the Adams forward bending test and to her, my back looks a lot worse. Also my relatives keep telling her my back looks worse. I probably am going to go to another appointment soon. I don’t want one because he said if my back looks worse, I’m going to have to get a back brace.  Even though I have scoliosis, at least I don’t need a back brace and I don’t need surgery. I try to take every day and make it a good one because I know that if I have to get a back brace or have surgery, these day even with the pain, are probably better than those with a brace or the recovery of surgery. When have another appointment, I will update you on my back! For now, ScoliGirl131 out!


Thanks so much CC for letting me post your story!

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