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                                     Chloe's Story


           As a mom with mild "c" shaped scoliosis, I noticed my daughter Chloe's, shirt collar was angled. After adjusting it the third time, I had her bend over and realized she had it, "scoliosis". Chloe is 11 and just started the sixth grade. She is a little heavy so it is not that noticable. After noticing it, I began to watch her more and realized that she walked with her hips swiveling and with a limp. I immediatley scheduled her an orthopedic apptointment and was very suprised at the severity of her curves, not "c" shaped but the "s". The x-rays showed a 37 degree top curve and a 39 degree bottom curve. The doctor says surgery should be at 40 degrees. Her father and I took her for a second opinion and the doctor said that he would have measured her curve differently and the numbers would be higher, however he said surgery at 50 degrees also. We stuck with the second doctor. Both doctors agreed with the TLSO brace (boston brace). The first doctor said to only wear it at night and the second said 23 hours a day. With the brace going way up under the arm and opposite side beyond her hip, (she can't put her arm down or sit down when its on) we are in the process of having the brace either modified or a new one made so she can wear it all the time. Both doctors have asked when her period started. I found this strange but found out this is because this would indicate her final marurity growth spurt and how much longer her back would continue to curve. She has not started her period yet which indicates that her back will curve more during that time. The brace is not suppose to correct scoliosis, but only to try to prevent the progression. It is also extremely important to be active.

          Being a parent, I will do whatever is necessary and seek whatever hope there is. There is so much controversy over the treatments such as chiropratic, therapy, etc. But we are trying to put a grip on this scoliosis. Chloe's doctor says that we can try anything we want but there is no scientific evidence that anything helps. I believe that all cases are different and that everything is well worth a try if surgery will can prevented. Chloe is doing physical therapy consisting of the schroth method-3 deminsional therapy, a few yoga techniques, physical manipulations,and a few piliates, etc. She has therapy three times a week as well as does home exercises 3 times a day. Yes it is a lot, but it will be worth it hopefully. We don't know if it will be worth it, but we are try ing to control the scoliosis and not let the scoliosis control her. 
           Girls and/or boys, (yes, they can have it even though girls are more likely to have it), please realize that it is important to continue stretching and exercising throughout your life. Statistics show that even after your last growth spurt, your back may curve one to two degrees each year. Prevent future problems, especially in child bearing years. Also, stay active. I did not wear a brace until after my first child.This is only because of the other problems scoliosis has caused in my back. I do not wear the brace all the time but only when I know that I need it.
           I have read the stories from all the girls on this website and my heart goes out to each and every one of you. Stay positive, exercise, and stretch your spine as scoliosis is in your lives and it is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed. It is just the way you are and what you have to deal with. 


 Thank you so much Chloe for letting me post your story! 

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