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Courtney's Story


          I am Courtney and I am from New Zealand.  I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was nine years old.  At first, my curve was 45 degrees.  One of my shoulder blades was very uneven.  Scoliosis isn't very heard of in New Zealand so it took ages for the doctors to discover what I had as we also live in a small city.  I was fitted for a brace and wore it for two years.  I didn't like it very much and used to throw tantrums daily.  This was breaking my mom's heart.  I can only see this now looking back because I was very severely bullied at school and boys used to beat me up.  When I was eleven, the doctors discovered my boston brace had not worked at all.  My spine was now 83 degrees as it was in the shape of an S.  I was put in emergency surgery with surgeons flying from all over New Zealand to help with such a large, fasinating case.  After a long, eight hour surgery, it was deemed a success.  Doctors discovered I had Eumonia and was losing so much blood that I was given an immediate blood transfusion and vantilation.  I was in the hopsital for a long two weeks. 

          After the very long and hard journey, my spine has had a successful outcome and is down to 18 degrees.  It's still curved, kind of like the leaning tower, but I'll always remember the wonderful surgeons that made me feel beautiful.  I'm now a model and I make sure on the cat walks that I bear my back so everyone can see it.  I would love to be a inspiration to all young children to never look back and always look to the future.  You are beautiful.  God just gave you a unique gift that's only going to make you stronger.  Bullies will never have the power to be as strong as you because if they had Scoliosis for a day, they could never be able to be as strong as what you are everyday!


Thank you so much Courtney for letting me post your story!

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