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                                                    Emily's Story


When I was 11, my friend one day noticed my spine was crooked so she traced it with a marker and man was it curvy! I told my parents but they just thought I was exaggerating. Once school started up, another one of my friends that saw my back in study hall was tracing my spine and also noted that it curved. I told my parents again. My mom looked at it and thought it actually was curvy. She soon made an appointment with a doctor. It was a really awkward appointment because I my doctor was a man and he was tracing my spine which goes down low. But soon enough, he announced that I had scoliosis and I had to go to the Seattle Children's Hospital to get it further looked at. After a few weeks or months, (I don't remember) my mom found out I didn't have to go to Seattle. There was a person three hours away (riding in a car) that was a scoliosis specialist. My mom made an appointment to meet up with him and I got x-rays at the hospital. I got the x-rays and they said I was 32 degree at the top of my spine and 13 or 17 degrees at the bottom of my spine. I went to the doctor and he said I would have to get a brace and wear it for 20 or more hours a day. At this point I was 12. That's pretty much all he told us but we kind of already guessed I would. Soon after, I went to the biomechanics place so they could measure me for my brace and of course again it was a man who fitted me for a brace. He gave me the smallest little piece of clothing that I have ever seen! It was skin tight and see through and it didn't quite reach my knees. He said to put it on with nothing under except my underwear. He measured me like 30different times. Finally, he said I could leave and they would call me when my brace was ready. A few weeks later, my brace arrived. We went to pick it up. I guess I never really thought about wearing a brace all day long. We got there and again I had to change into the weirdest clothes (a super tight shirt overly large shorts). My brace maker showed me how to put it on and I was just fine and it didn't hurt one bit. After he worked out all the "bugs", he said I was good to go and to come back if I needed any adjustments. When we were leaving and was sitting in the car, it hit me. I would be wearing this for the next year and a half all day and it started to really hurt. It felt like it was jabbing into a pressure point. I started crying and I couldn't stop. I thought it won’t be that bad because I have friends and family that will help me through this. But that didn’t help. Finally arrived at home and I went straight to my room and took my brace off. I will not wear it and let it will ruin my life I thought. But my dad came up and told me if I didn't wear it I would have to get surgery. I almost considered asking to get surgery instead but I realized it was definitely not worth it. I would still be stuck wearing a brace for a while. I slowly started wearing it more and more. It started getting comfortable especially to sleep in. The first day I wore it to school, I told my friend punch me so being the great friend she was, she did. It was funny because she was the one that got hurt! Now people joke and whack me in the stomach in the hallways and it doesn't bother me. I mean it doesn't hurt so why not? Now I don't mind it and take it off for gym showers and dance class. I'm just waiting for the day when I don't have to wear it and people are going to punch me and it's going to hurt. Right now we joke around about my "abs of steal" and it doesn't bother me. Once you get past the first bit it's really easy so don't let scoliosis get in your way. Just keep your head up because God is always with you through everything.


Thank you Emily for letting me post your story!

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