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 Fashion Corner 


You do not have to lose your inner fashionista just because of your brace.  You only have to test your fashion skills!  You will need to change your clothing style a bit when you wear your brace.  You will no longer be able to wear your favorite form-fitting shirts due to the straps and different bumps in the back of your brace.  Sure, it will be kind of hard to say goodbye to that cute shirt but in the long run, it is so worth it!  Instead, find flowy shirts that make you look thin, cute half jackets that make an outfit, and shorts and pants just a couple of sizes bigger while still looking great!  It might be a challenge but if you are a true fashionista, you are sure to look great in whatever you wear!



Shirts and Cover-ups/Half Jacket     





Do not wear tight fitting shirts while in the brace!  As you can see, it looks very bad.  In the front, you can see the outline of the brace.  In the back, you can see the straps.  It also looks very bumpy.  This does not look good.



         This is much better!  It still looks stylish while making your brace invisible.  If you decide to accessorize this shirt with cute earrings and a necklace, you will have a pretty nice outfit.



          This is the shirt from above.  With a belt, a cute cover-up, and a necklace you can really make an outfit!



          Color and pattern camouflage the brace.  This flowy shirt has both pattern and color!  See how good it looks?



 Shirts that hug the upper half of you then flow away from your body are not good for the brace.  They show big bumps. 



 But, they are ok with a half jacket.  Now, the shirt looks very normal.  You cannot even tell my brace is on.



 This is another cover-up.  You have a lot more options of clothes to wear when you have cover-ups.





For pants, you need to get a few sizes larger than you actually are.  Do not get pants like jeggings or leggings. They hug you super, super tight.  They might show the bottom of your brace.  For jeans and other regular pants, you should be fine.



Always wear your brace shopping so you know what fits.  Have fun shopping!








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