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                                            Jenna's Story


 Hey, my name is Jenna. I am one of those teens who have a problem with their spine. I realized it when I was trying on clothes at Old Navy. Right away, my family and I went to a doctor. The doctor told me that my spine was thirty-two degrees! At first I had so many questions popping around in my head. I thought everyone would treat me way differently. I started thinking about everything that could happen like everyone making fun of me. There goes a smart, beautiful girl into a brace is one of the first things my brain was thinking. My mom started looking up chiropractors and found one that had a son on my brother's soccer team last season. I've been going there for seven weeks! Forty-nine days! The chiropractor told me that my eye corrdination is horrible because of my scoliosis. My chiropractor is super funny and always makes me laugh before he snaps my back. It is super hard to play baseball for me. After about a month later, my parents took me to get fitted for a brace. Some family members on mom's side have scoliosis. My mom's spine is 17 degrees and my grandfather's spine is thirty degrees. I'm guessing that it most likely runs in the family. When I got fitted for my brace, a man gave me what looked like a giant sock with holes or a hotdog costume. I now have to wear my brace twenty-three hours a day. My parents and friends are supporing me 100%. I can always count on them when I need them. I appreciate what everyone has done for me, even these other essay writers who told their stories. Thank You!

- Jenna


 Thank you so much Jenna for letting me post your story!


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