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Sarah's Story


          When I was eight years old, the doctors noticed I had a very slight curvature of the spine.  They decided we could watch and wait.  So we did.  In fifth grade, during a scoliosis testing, my school nurse noticed my spine was curved.  She never said anything, just some kind of funny looks.  She started to write something down next to my name in her binder.  I looked and my eyes almost popped out of my head.  It said: Curvature.  No way it could be curved!  I was perfectly healthy!  No.  It was not happening.  I went home and told my mom the nurse was kind of making unsure remarks and that she wrote curvature next to my name.  She got so panicked that she called my doctor and set up an appointment.
          When I went to my doctor, she said I had a curvature of the spine. (No duh!)  She said that I had to go to and Orthopedic so I went to one.  I had to wake up at 5:45 AM and my mom drove me and my dad to Boston.  The Children's Hospital Boston.  I had x-rays there and they showed me the pictures.  I actually thought it looked cool.  I was not upset or anything.  I was excited to see what would happen to me.  I have two curves.  The top one was 25 and the bottom one was 36. The solution: bracing.  So I am in a brace.  People like to punch my stomach and we all laugh.  I thought it was going to be torture.  But really, now it is just a way of life.

          Well, as the days went on, life got harder. The brace wasn't just becoming a struggle to wear to school or bed, it was all the time.  I refused to wear it.  I got my phone, tv, and laptop taken away.  My mom finally gave everything back and I started to wear my brace a little more.  I wear it about 9 hours a day now, but i should be wearing it 20 hours a day.  I recently went to the doctor for X-rays.  My top curve stayed the same, and my bottom one was 3 degrees lower.  It may sound great, but its not.  The only reason it stayed the same is because I was wearing is 17 hours a day in the beginning.  Hopefully everything will work out.  Im unsure of what happens now, but we can only go up from here!


Thank you so much Sarah for letting me post your story!


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