Scoliosis Stories

Written by a Teen for Teens

                                            Bailey's Story


          When I was nine, I went to the doctor for a regular physical when he noticed I had a curved spine. He recommended that I go see an orthopedist. So I went and my curve was 21 degrees so he said to just watch it and see what happens. So I went there every six months for the next three years or so. Then when I went in January of 2011 and he said that my curve had progressed to 27 degrees so the doctor recommended a brace. This sounded awful and I hated the idea. The next week, I went to get fitted for a brace. The nurse told me to get undressed and put on this thing that looked like a sock and it was super itchy. It made me look like an idiot. I went in and got on this thing and they started putting this weird goo all over me and after a while it hardened. A couple of weeks later I went back to the doctor and got the brace. It was all clunky looking. The brace did not look comfortable at all. I had to wear it home but I took it off. The next couple of weeks I gradually got comfortable with it. I didn't like wearing it to school though because I always felt like someone was looking at me. Today I'm still wearing the brace but I only have 6 months left!


Thank you so much Bailey for letting me post your story!