Scoliosis Stories

Written by a Teen for Teens


Jenn's Story


There has been scoliosis/kyphosis running through my mom's side of the family for decades.  My mom, grandma, aunt, and two cousins had braces. In September of my second grade year, I went to get a check-up.  My doctor saw a curve in my spine and told me to get it checked out.  A few weeks later, they told me I had kyphosis.  I wore a back brace for a few months. By around March I stopped wearing it because it was annoying me.
A few years later in 6th grade, I went back to a new doctor and got braced again.  This time, the kyphosis went away and I was diagnosed with scoliosis.  My curve was around 45 degrees. After wearing the back brace for a few weeks, I got depression from the pain I was going through from wearing it.  My mom tried everything, including giving me rewards and taking me shopping for new clothing, but I just could not wear it.
Two years later, I went back to the doctor at the end of the 8th grade and I realized my curve had gotten worse.  They tried fitting me with a new type of brace, but it hurt even more.  My curve got a little bit better since I wore it during the summer (torture!) but was still around 40 degrees.  At the beginning of the 10th grade (currently), I went to the doctor again and he said my kyphosis came back and is now 70 degrees and my scoliosis is around 35 degrees.  I got fitted for a new brace and this one that I'm wearing right now is much more comfortable than any of my other ones.  I'm turning 16 in January and this is my last chance to fix my back.  I'm trying so hard to wear it, but it's so uncomfortable and annoying.  I have to wear it at least 16 hours per day, which means I don't have to wear it to school.
If I don't wear this last brace, then I'm going to have to get surgery.  So far, I've had four braces in my life.  Two boston braces, one milwaukee brace, and one spinecor brace.  Hopefully, this will be gone by the time I'm done growing!
Thank you so much Jenn for letting me post your story!