Scoliosis Stories

Written by a Teen for Teens

                                      Sophia's Story


My name is Sophia and I am 14 years old. I recently had scoliosis surgery in July 2011. It all started when I was seven years old and my mom noticed that my hips were uneven. She took me to the local gp and he diagnosed me with scoliosis. When I found this out, I didn't really know much about it and didn't think much of it. I had to have a ton of x-rays and I also had to wear a 'spine cor' brace. This brace wasn't that bad and allowed me to move around a lot. I wore this brace for almost two years.  I went back to the doctors office and they told me that my brace wasn't helping my scoliosis and my curve was getting worst. By then I was annoyed.  I felt like all the hard work that I had been doing for the last two years was for nothing. They then mentioned a ridgid brace. I tried this one and wore it for a few months. I didn't like this brace as much as my last one because it restricted me from doing things. I had to wear it for 22 hours a day, however I dealt with it. The doctors then told me that this brace was not doing it's job either and my curve was just getting worst and worst.
The doctors then mentioned surgery and said that it was basically my only option unless I wanted to leave my back as it was and let it get worst. They said I might have serious back pain in the future if I did not have the surgery. So, I decided to have the surgery. I was so scared and worried. At first, it just didn't seem real. It seemed as the surgery was ages away. The time just went faster and faster and before I knew it, it was the week of my surgery.
I went in to Royal Perth on a Monday and was having my surgery early Tuesday morning. On monday , I went in and was shown my room. For the surgery, I had to have these things stuck to my head which were used to monitor my brain. My mom and I slept there that night. Someone came to wake me up at 7 o'clock a.m. so I could have a shower and wash with this special stuff. Then, I took some some pre-medication which made me a bit crazy. I was singing and dancing around the room. I don't remember anything else but I went down to the theatre and had a six hour long surgery. My parents came to see me as soon as they could in intensive care. I don't remember the first three days and for a few days after, I only remember certain parts. I had many visitors of which were both family and friend who were all very supportive. Sitting and walking for the first couple of times was very hard and really tiring. I was in the hospital for about a week. After being  home for a couple of days, I had to return to the hospital because I was suddenly having bad leg pain. I stayed in the hospital for another week.  I had x-rays and MRI's taken. In the end, it was all ok. The doctors weren't sure what happened to my legs but they think that it might have been a stretched nerve. They said that the supposed nerve would get better on it's own. My legs are still sometimes sore, but I will get better.
I also have to wear a back brace for three months because of my surgery which is a bit annoying, but I don't mind that much. Not everyone has to wear a brace after surgery. It all depends on what the doctors say. For this brace, I cannot take it off at all unless I am laying down.  This means that I have to shower in it. I also have to lie down while I change.
It has now been just over two months since my operation and I am still on the road to recovery. It is getting better and better everyday and I'm back in school and going out with my friends again. Looking back, I cannot believe what I went through. I wouldn't of been able to go do it without my wonderful family and friends who were and still are so supportive.
To anyone going through the surgery: You are going to be fine and there is no need to worry. I am so glad that I had the surgery! GOOD LUCK <3
Thanks Sophia for letting me post your story!